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Why should you go fishing on 
NO CROWDS. We take no more than 17 people on each trip to insure that everyone has plenty of room to fish.
COMFORT. We have an air conditioned cabin including a full size head, (bathroom). We have plenty of seating and room for your coolers and gear.
VALUE. Everything is included in your fare. We do not charge extra for rods, reels, towels, ice, bait, hooks, sinkers, licenses, permits and we even clean your fish for free.  
SAFETY. The Miss Venice is a fast, solid, stable, comfortable vessel that is inspected and approved by the United States Coast Guard. She is equipped with the latest life saving, fire fighting, communications and safety equipment. She has a United States Coast Guard approved automatic positioning beacon, "EPIRB", on board at all times as well as modern fish finding and navigation electronics.   
GUARANTEE.  We guarantee that you will catch fish on our deep sea fishing trips.

 SERVICE. Whether you are an old salt or its the first time you have ever held a fishing rod, you are welcome onboard The Miss Venice. We supply easy to use, high quality fishing equipment for those of you that do not wish to bring your own. If you have your own gear, you are welcome to bring it.  You will catch fish. We will bait your hook and we will remove the fish you catch from your hook if you want us to. We provide bait holders, hand towels and cup holders to every fisherman so you do not spend half your time "going to find more bait, going back into the cabin for a drink, etc..."  Each fisherman has everything they need to insure that they have as much fishing time as possible. We will keep your catch iced and cold during the trip. We will fillet your catch for you if you would like us to, no extra charge.



We operate with "party boat style pricing." This means you pay by the person and only for the people in your group. You do not have to "charter" the entire boat to go fishing with us.


You do not need a fishing license or permit to fish with us since our license and permit covers everyone on our boats.

We provide you with everything you need to experience a fantastic day of deep sea fishing, rods, reels, tackle, bait, towel, drink holder, ice, instruction and will even fillet your catch. We do not have hidden add on fees. 


You will be on a boat with no crowds (17 passengers or less on The Miss Venice), so we can GUARANTEE that you will catch fish when you go fishing with us. We have been in the Gulf fishing business in Manatee and Sarasota Counties for the over thirty years and we know how to catch fish. We are so confident in our fish catching abilities that when you fish with us, if you do not catch any fish you can return for another trip with us free of charge.

We have always cleaned our boats with bleach, soap and disinfectant after each trip. We will continue to do that as long as we operate our boats. 



The Miss Venice is our flagship vessel. This 40 foot Marine Sea Harvester is inspected and approved by the United States Coast Guard to take 18 passengers out 100 miles into the Gulf of Mexico.  She is a fast, stable, comfortable vessel with plenty of fishing space for everyone, all to guarantee you a memorable deep sea fishing experience.

The Miss Venice has an air conditioned cabin with seating for 18 passengers. She also has a comfortable full size restroom.

Because kids won't remember their best day of television!!


We have United States Coast Guard Licensed Boat Captains operating our boats.  Our captains and crew are first aid and CPR certified. We have all of the United States Coast Guard recommended safety equipment on our boats, including an automatic positioning device,(EPIRB) along with modern navigation and ship to shore radios on board at all times. The Miss Venice is a Drug Free Workplace. The Captains and crew are subject to US Coast Guard mandatory drug testing. 

We are a locally owned and operated family business.

Contact us today to reserve your spot(s) on the boat or if you have any questions


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