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Our highly experienced staff loves taking people fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. We are very proud to have such a knowledgeable and customer-focused crew!

Sarasota Fishing Fleet, Home of THE MISS VENICE, was founded by Joe  and Deborah Bernhard as a result of their lifelong passion for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. 

  • "Captain Joe" and "Captain Skip" operate the boat.

  • Deborah manages sales and reservations, plus serves as the office manager. 

  • Tommy serves as first mate on almost every trip. Be nice to Tom since he brings you your bait!!

  • Joe and Deborah's four kids are all out of the house and living on their own, following their dreams. Alex, our youngest, has joined the U.S. Coast Guard, please keep him and all of our service members in your prayers.  

All of us will do our best to make sure you have a fantastic time while fishing with us.  Please call (941-809-5393) if you have any questions or to make a reservation.

Captain Joe

Joe was born in Sarasota and grew up fishing in Manatee and Sarasota counties where he pursued his passion to be out on the water.  In his 20s, he became a marine law enforcement officer (game warden), operating police patrol boats and enforcing wildlife regulations. Joe also obtained his United States Coast Guard Captains License and is a certified law enforcement scuba diver.  During his 30 year career Joe was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and served as the scuba team commander. Joe has also worked on and captained commercial fishing boats, private charter boats, party boats, sightseeing boats, parasail boats and dive boats.  Joe has a fishing / boating background on the west coast of Florida that is amazing. He has worked in the fishing industry on all sides and from all perspectives. Having this experience along with taking thousands of people fishing and catching thousands of fish assures that not only will you catch fish but you will be fishing with a captain that puts safety above everything else.

Captain Skip

William Turner (yes folks his name really is William Turner for all you Pirates of the Carribean fans) grew up fishing on the West Coast of Florida.  He joined the United States Coast Guard immediately following high school, where he rose to the prestigious rank of Senior Chief.  His duties included operating numerous Coast Guard vessels, enforcing wildlife, fishing, environmental and Homeland Security laws throughout the nation.  "Skip" (as he likes to be called) obtained his United States Coast Guard Captains License and has operated numerous vessels that cater to the watersports enthusiast, to include party fishing boats, parasailing boats, private charter boats and sightseeing tours, as well as commercial fishing vessels designed to fill the cargo hold with scores of "catch."  He has also taken thousands of people fishing and has caught thousands of fish. While fishing with Skip not only will you catch fish, but like Captain Joe, you will be fishing with a captain that puts safety above everything else.

First Mate Tommy "One Glove"

Tom Taylor has lived and fished on the West Coast of Florida all of his life. Tom worked in the construction field for many years where he learned how to fix or build anything. Tom has an amazing work ethic, he has that hard to find "do it right the first time" attitude.  This, along with the fact that he has an awesome ability to catch fish as well as teach others how to do so, makes him a perfect fit for the position of first mate on the Miss Venice. Tom truly loves coming to work each day. The attention to detail and instruction you will receive from him is second to none. He has an unbelievable ability to get hooks that are stuck on the bottom, unstuck. More importantly Tom has an ability to get fish that are hooked and "stuck in the rocks", unstuck.  Tom is currently completing his sea time requirements to one day obtain his United States Coast Guard Captains License. Tom, who you should be nice to as he gives you your bait, also puts safety above everything else.

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